Fortunately ours......

Fortunately ours......

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do you know who this is???

This is your great grandmother as a young lady  

Her name is Florence Means Petty Kelly and she is the mother of your 
Grandmother Lillian Petty Fortune Orr
The story is that she was such a young looking mother that when 
she and her daughter Lillian went out she told people they were sisters!!!!
They both worked at the telephone company in Hanford and Suisun and Los Gatos.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

looking at old photos....

This is your grandfather Fred Fortune as a young man
Either when he was a trolley car conductor or when
he had the Fortune Taxi company.

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Friday, February 11, 2011

Fred and Bob to the rescue

Much to our delight Fred and Bob finished off the remodeling in our trailer at Thousand Trails.  Now everything is perfect and very usable...a vast improvement.  They came down for lunch and tore into the was a beautiful day and Dad and I sat out in the sun....the boys kept chasing me out and warning me to zip my lips!!!!!


 Both of them remodeled the bed side tables...Bob did the left side and Fred did the right side.  They previously were too long and too wide and we could not put the sheets on the bed.....nor have the sheets hang down properly at the sides of the bed.  Now there is still plenty of room for our lamps and all our goodies along side our bed.  Plus Dad has a place to put his shoes and books on his side.

I am making a piece of aluminum sheeting to put in the back window so the cold air won't flow down onto our backs...I have already lined the drapes with a heat-cold resistant lining.

 Do we ever love the improvements!!!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you.
It is turning out to be a cozy comfy retreat.

It is amazing how much fun we have had with this new project, we love the ride out there and we see something new each time.  The level of Uvus lake water constantly changes and the sun on the water gives it different colors on different days.  We have seen winter and now are looking forward to spring...already the grass is growing along side of our trailer and we plan to give the deck and steps a coat of stain.  We finally had Gilbert move our picnic table back.  The people that had driven into the spot next door on those first weeks had switched table on us and gave us a ratty one.  We had the guys get a better one until the neighbors finally moved and we got ours back!!!

Fred finished off the box that will be the new sofa, strengthening it and making it look good.
We left the water tank in thinking that the trailer would bring a better price if we ever sold it...someone might need water when traveling.
We will store supplies and soft drinks and the hand vacuum cleaner.

 Cyndy will make the cushions for the couch
it will be 5" thick and the back will be in 3 separate cushions.

Bobby hung the track and trim and I will  hang new lightweight curtains when we have guests.

Trailer bedroom BEFORE  Fred and Bob tore out the wall
I am trying to decide whether the green bedspread looks better than the aqua one.
In this picture I am thinking the aqua would lighten thing up.

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Thursday, February 3, 2011

still looking at old pictures.....

Naine, Dorothy (Dotti) George, Dell and Grammie