Fortunately ours......

Fortunately ours......

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

a great fun day..

after lunch we hopped in the car headed for Mt. Madonna...I had read
about all the changes they had made, including the yurts.  These are 
about 10 to 12 feet, clean and neat with a locked food container outside.
There were about 5 or 6 of them in a special area.
Makes Big Basin look like a dump.

We stopped to take a picture of the gate going into the old cabin.
Met an interesting kid who has lived in there all his life....18 years
old and really loves living  in there...was working so he could afford
to go to college.  His name is Joseph and would have gladly taken us back 
in there but it was getting late and we needed to shop.
They live on the left side past the Wolf/Klonts cabin which
incidentally is still for sale.

Also stopped to take other photos on the way...Sprig Lake (thanks Bobby)  is just rushing a stream now, but a lot of fishermen.

Having a wonderful time...wish you were here.....   :-)
Mom and Dad  xo

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Mary to trailer....

To rest and study in the peace and quiet.  With her trusty Q tip.
for 3 days....

Saturday, March 19, 2011

St Joseph's table

Pictures taken by Robert with his phone.
delicious meal......thank you......



Thursday, March 17, 2011

foam factory

We went up to have the cushions that Cyndy made for the trailer
stuffed at Bob's foam factory in Fremont.
Had lunch while they did the stuffing...
We like them VERY much.
Thanks Cyndy.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Mary in Solvang

69.70 miles!!!!!

Friday, March 11, 2011

more about Michael Bugatti

dan fortune <>
Sent: Fri, Mar 11, 2011 1:15 pm
Subject: Re: Fabulous

Amazing story - - I googled Michael Bugatti and nothing came up about him - - perhaps he uses another name? 

Michael's father was Henry Darrow who played Monolito in
High Chaparral, the t.v. western.  He died last year.

Tom might have been Tom Darrow with a sister named Denise
who died recently....and changed his name to Michael Bugatti.
Under that name he operates Studio One Photography...which
is what he is doing now....going around on photo shoots....they
are on their way to Santa Cruz today for a shoot, were in San Jose 
Morgan Hill yesterday and Sunday will drive down to Acton for
some Los Angeles shoots.  I guess he pretty much goes where 
the work is.

I think his partner in the following CD business pretty much takes
care of that business because he is talking about taking the studio out of
the trailer.

So I guess basically he is a photographer although he also is a
casting director.

It has been been an interesting experience and we have a good time knowing the
both of them.  Phillip is a 21 year old nutty likable guy who is in and out of our trailer 
using the phone and computer.

They have taken the coach today to Santa Cruz and have left the car and the trailer.
They find a central location and park the 3 miles per gallon, they don't
move much!!!!
So we won't see them again....we like them a lot and wouldn't mind seeing them again.
You all would enjoy them.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Never a dull moment...

This humoungus rig pulled in this afternoon...45 feet long and
pulling a trailer bigger than ours with their car in it.

They have a mobile business of making CD's and have an office
and studio in their rig.

The guys father was a western TV star.
He wants to cook dinner for us tomorrow night.

Here is their webpage.   crazy is right.
it is a beautiful night ...balmy and warm

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

this has never happened to us before!!!

We drove down to the trailer early Wednesday morning to meet Jim, from camper do the last repairs on the heater.  Everything is shaping nicely.  He gave us the name of a guy that could help us out in the future. 

Later on in the afternoon we heard this rumbling and this monstrous motorhome and trailer pulled in next to us.  We were coming back from our walk and said hello..the first thing the guy said was that he couldn't get telephone reception.  I asked him if he wanted to use ours but he declined and immediately said "I'm going to fix dinner for you tomorow night."  We were speechless.  He said he was a casting director and was in this area to look for a place to film a new film for Steve Martin.  Who  knows???  He certainly is driving the most luxurious motor coach we have ever seen.  He was looking for a beach area and we mentioned Seacliff so they were going to drive over the next day.  The man's name is Michael Bugatti.  His work assistant Phillip is a nice kid...helping Michael scout out spots.  I think he is a relative. Michael said his father was an old t.v. western star and I can't remember the name of the series, but recognized it.

The next day we were out walking and they came driving in and spoke out their car window..."we brought your dinner."  By the time we got back to our spot they had set the table, using china dishes...we provided the tablecloth.  We couldn't believe it was happening!!!  We had a wonderful time chatting..he wanted to know all about you guys...and offered much information about himself..he had just lost both of his parents in the last 2 years and 2 weeks ago his sister died...we saw her picture and she must have been in her 30's.
  We asked Michael why he was being so nice to us, and he said he was a Catholic, loved doing things for others and was very close to his family..I think he misses his mother.  He is 41 years old.  He said he often flew to troubled spots in the world to help feed and clothe the victims.  He has promised to send pictures of the next area he goes to.  We told him about helping the needy and working in the soup kitchen and hauling bread. 
When we were finished eating we went inside his motorhome...and our eyes fell out!!!  We have seen luxurious motorhomes in Palm Springs but never anything like this...marble floors and counter tops.....every modern convenience..washer/dryer.  It was 45 feet long and pulled a huge trailer where they had a studio and kept their car.  Michael also has a business with someone else making CD's for singers, groups etc.  Friday they are taking the coach and staying at Seacliff for a few days.

We have met many kind people in our lives, but this surpasses anything we have ever experienced!!!!

We had stopped during our walk to look at the creek.  The water level had dropped 4-5 feet.

In spite of the unpleasant Eddie, everyone else here has been so nice...Vincent, a worker here who does things on the sly for us...a next door neighbor who is colored,  lives here full time and helped try to get the computer internet working for me.

We thank all you who have helped us make this a good life in our old age!!!!   xo