Fortunately ours......

Fortunately ours......

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Cheims at Google

Robert and the kids at Googles exhibit
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we bought our house on the hill in 1952
from the Larson's for $40,000.00

Ray Rodoni took this aerial view after we first bought the house

Ray took this photo after we built the carport

  This is the way the house looked when we bought it in October of 1952.
It had 2 bedrooms and 1 bath and was painted white with an orangish brown trim.
Mr. Larson was a nurseryman and had many hanging fuscias and rhododenrons out in front. 
He had built a 90 foot greenhouse down in the middle of the apricot orchard, much to my joy.
We owned 1 and 1/3 acres of land and had a beautiful view of the little valley,
a glimpse of the bay and the range of mountains

before the carport

and we immediately began to remodel as our family increased in size.
We added a master bedroom and bath and a small bedroom which became the nursery.
Fred is standing in the front walk. You can see the second car I ever owned parked in the carport....
a navy blue Ford......we had to take the handles off in the back because I carried so many kids
around in it and didn't want them falling out!!!!!.
Before the days of station wagons

Bobby standing out in front of the fireplace.  I always bought the willow
furniture from the gypsies...that's what we used for outdoor furniture.

you can see Dad's station wagon and my old car in the carport
and the folks and I don't know who else's

my green house which I used for years then traded with the nursery man, Farrington for plants

the new porch...not big enough because of the septic tank in that area

  This was a crazy venture. We were told we couldn't build a porch out over the septic tank so thought
we were limited in space. Since it faced the west it did help keep the aftenoon sun out a little.
We wanted to preserve the view, which I notice in a lower picture,
the new owners are doing

bookshelves we had built

Axel Backlund and Dad building on our new bedroom
which later became the girls room

before Dad built the drainage ditch behind the house
every winter the water collected under the house
until this went in.

a tremendous job rap...a BIG job for Dad
there was a sidewalk and we enclosed this area in for the little kids to play in

one of our occasional snows

our snow field

Axel and Dad admiring their porch job

Dad holding Danny, Beth, Mike,  Wilma, Pord and Axel
Freddie in front

In back row Elva, Flossie, Monique, Naine holding Jeff and Grammie
Frankie Bumb, Freddie, neighbor girl and back of Marie's head

Dell holding Danny, Flossie, Fred, Freddie
Fred and Flossie's girls

Easter Sunday
Danny, Mom Elizabeth, Dad
Bobby, Annette, Johnie and Mary
Fred took picture


  Remember the Eucalyptus trees that stood at the top of our driveway??
Annette used to sit at the base of the tree on the left and wait
for Bobby to come home from school :-)
Down down down our driveway

  Standing at the top of our hill, that big grayish 2 story house is the one that
replaced the Clayton house. Their barn is still there

new owners remodeling adding garage

They have removed the liquidamber tree that we planted, and brought the whole house out
15 or 20 feet OVER the septic the dining room.. Maybe they put in a new one.

 September 2002
Danny told us about the new owners remodeling so we drove by to take a look. This picture was taken from about the same spot as the first one. The second owner had put the bay windows in the living room but the bedroom walls have all been pushed out and a mezzanine porch with pillars being added across the front. The original fireplace is still there.
The whole roof has been removed and raised to 12 feet.
These people apparently bought it for $1,690,000 and must be putting at least 1 mil into it.

new owners fountain in driveway
Our property was sold 2 more times and finally was on
the market for $1,690,000.00

Fred opened the house on Googleearth....great shot showing how close to the freeway
we would have been.  thanks Fred

Thursday, June 28, 2012

a visit to Danny's grave

A nice day to visit Danny's grave....we hadn't been there since Dad/Grandpa
isn't driving.   So Elizabeth offered to take us and make it a lunch date with Annette.


Annette and Elizabeth fixing the flowers

pretty flowers

We said a rosary
We promise to come back on his anniversary...xo

We all had lunch breakfast at Denny's...great food.
ALL the Cheim's except Robert, M & D and Annette

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

happy birthday Annette

John, Mom and Annette on San Francisco Bay cruise

at Capitola 1964 Mary John, Annette's birthday, Carrie Brian, Elizabeth and Anne Marie
at Crater Lake.  Elizabeth, Annette, Mary and John

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

pool gas pipes plus bonus yard

on our morning stroll we took some pictures of the work
the plumber did on the pool pipes so far.  He will finish putting
new pipes across the house and down under the bank today and tomorrow.

We are so lucky to have such a beautiful yard

even looking at privet trees

this hosta is bloom...pale lavander blossoms